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The Compass School


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The Compass School

  • West Road
  • Haddington
  • East Lothian
  • EH41 3RD
telephone 01620 822642
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About The Compass School

The Compass School is unique. As East Lothian's only independent primary school, it has acquired an outstanding reputation for providing its children with a firm foundation for their life-long learning.

At The Compass, our aim is to provide a warm and caring environment in which our children are encouraged to develop their unique gifts and talents and progress not only academically but in their confidence and self-esteem too. We strongly believe that every child has the ability to excel in some aspect of school life and we provide our children with numerous opportunities to enjoy success and to flourish, through achieving their own personal targets.

At the heart of The Compass lies the principle that a child's time at school should be a happy one. We encourage strong personal values such as care and respect for others, polite and responsible behaviour, high standards of appearance and personal organisation and our children derive great satisfaction from meeting these expectations. Consequently, they develop positive and healthy relationships based on friendship, honesty and trust.

We aim to prepare children not only for their next stage of education,

but for the challenges of a fast-moving and modern world where knowledge, communication and creativity will be the keys to our children's future success.

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